Alan Walker (Music Producer)

Alan Olav Walker
Alan Olav Walker


    Real Name
    Alan Olav Walker
    Stage Name Alan Walker, DJ Wakzz
    or Walkzz (earlier)
    Nick Name Alan
    Profession YouTube Personality
    DJ, Record Producer
    Born On 24th August 1997
    Age  23 Years ( As in 2020)
    Birth Place Northampton, Northamptonshire,
    England (United Kingdom)
    Residence Bergan, Norway
    Nationality British, Norwegian
    Religion Christian
    Qualification 12th (Drop Out)
    Education Delhi University, Delhi, India
    Manager Possibly Not
    Zodiac Sing Virgo
    Website alanwalker


Alan Olav Walker or best known as Alan Walker is a British born Norwegian DJ and Record Producer. Alan Walker was got popularity for his International hit single Faded. It was received international acclaimed and receives platinum certification more than 14 countries all over the world. Faded was appreciated by many music artist and music lovers all over the world ad it is currently top 20 most viewed songs list on YouTube. His next hit singles like Alone and The Spectre drew attention to himself.

Born & Early Life:

Alan Walker was born on 24th August 1994 at Northampton, Northamptonshire, England (UK) but he raised and grew up in Bergen, Norway because his mother was Norwegian and they moved to Norway when Alan was just 2 years old and there Alan raised and grew up with his family.

Childhood & Education

When Alan Walker was a kid he was fascinated to for programming and graphic design. But once Alan found a track on Youtube and he liked a lot – it inspired him and it made him start exploring producing himself. He dropped his 12th exam for continuing his music career.

Alan Walker Childhood Image
Alan Walker With His brother


    Philip Alan Walker
    Mother Hilde Omdal Walker
    Siblings One Sister and Brother
    Brother Alan Walker
    Brother Camilla Joy Walker

His father Philip Alan Walker is an Englishman and his mother Hilde Omdal Walker is from Norway. So Alan, by birth is Englishman and by living is Norwegian, he is both duels entitle citizenship Norway and the United Kingdom for his parent's origin. Alan has two siblings, he grew up with his elder sister Camilla Joy Walker and his younger brother Andreas Walker.

Alan Walker With His Family
Alan Walker With His Family

Alan Walker With His Brother And Sister
Alan Walker With His Brother And Sister

Personal Information

Marital Status/ Affairs :

    Married Status
    Girlfriend/Affairs Viivi Niemi
    Ex-Girlfriend No Record
    Wife/Spouse Not Yet Married

Alan Walker With His Girlfriend Viivi Niemi
Alan Walker and Viivi Niemi

Physical Appearance :

    Height 5.8 Inc
    1.73 Meter
    Weight 65 KG approx
    144 Lbs 
    Body Shame Chest - 38 Inc
    Waist - 30 Inc
    Biceps - 12 Inc
    Eye Color Dark Blue
    Hair Color Brown


Before joining music career Alan was interested in computer learning, and basically, programming and graphic designing in the digital era. Alan found a track on Youtube and he liked a lot – it inspired him, and suddenly Alan's interest comes to music and he decided to produced music himself, but there he faced many problems because initially, he had not in a musical background. he had no ideas about music or how can produce music and he had no musical instruments. So at first starting his musical producing he learning music tutorials from YouTube and Internet sites, and then Alan starts producing his own music. Alan was inspired by one of the most popular EDM producer K-391 and Ahrix.

Begining Career : (2012-2015)

Alan Walker's career began in 2012. Alan was listening to an Italian DJ mixer David Whistle's track, (Davit Whistle is also known as DJ Ness) and he liked a lot. It was inspired him, and suddenly Alan's interest comes to music and Alan became interested in David's music. Alan was curious to know how was David Whistles produced his music. He started to find tutorials on YouTube, After knowing some tutorials Alan installs FL Studio and started producing music on his laptop. In July 2012 he started posting his music on online streaming system SoundCloud and YouTube, slowly he gets a good response from his fans. His music also very inspired by movie soundtrack creators like Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky.

Started as a Bedroom producer, Alan Walker released his first debut single track “Fade” in 18th August 2014 on YouTube, but it did not catch the good attention. After that Alan re-releases his track “Fade” via record label NCS No CopyRights Sound in 19th November 2014, and the track gained very good attention. “Fade” was played over 400M+ views and 4M+ likes on YouTube, 120M+ on Spotify and over 50M+ played on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms. In 2015 Alan Walker releases his next singles The Spectre and Force which is also getting good feedback. Walker expressed that the production of these tracks was enlivened by K-391 and Ahrix, whose tracks were likewise picked up by the record name.

Music Breakthrough : (2012-2015)

In 2016, Alan Walker signed with MER Musikk under Sony Music Sweden and released his next collaborated single “Faded” a remastering with the vocal version of 2014 track "Fade". "Faded" was released on 4th December 2015 featuring Naustdal pop singer Iselin Solheim and it was the remake of 2014 Alan Walker past composed track Fade. After releasing Faded it became top charted song in Sweden, Austria, Germany, Switzerland on iTunes chart in over 33 countries. As well as it was entered top 10 in Spotify global chat and is also one of the Top 10 Most Shazamed tracks of 2016. The music video has grossed over 2.8 billion views on YouTube with over 20 million likes. It was ranked the top 10 most viewed and most liked videos on YouTube. It has streamed over 1.2 billion on Spotify. After that Faded also received official remixes Tiesto, Hardwell many EDM artist. Alan release restrung version of this song in 2016. After that his latest music video Alone, The Spectre, Sing Me To Sleep, Darkside becomes popular hits.

Alan Walker At Olso
Alan Walker At Olso

Live Performance :

At the age of 18, Alan becomes the most popular EDM artist in the world. He quit his school to pursue his music career and in February 2016 Alan Walker made his first live performance debut at X Games, Olso, Norway. Where Iselin Solheim and Alan Walker together performed 15 tracks including Faded. On 7th April 2016, Walker collaborated with Swedish artist Zara Larsson at the Echo Awards in Germany. Together they played out one another's songs "Faded" and "Never Forget You". A month already, he accomplished the primary spot on NRJ Euro Hot 30 just because, which only has been accomplished by one other Norwegian Edm artist, Kygo. On 7th April 2016, Walker collaborated with Swedish artist Zara Larsson at the Echo Awards in Germany. Together they played out one another's songs "Faded" and "Never Forget You". A month already, he accomplished the primary spot on NRJ Euro Hot 30 after Kygo. Which only has been accomplished by one other Norwegian Edm artist, Kygo. Alan Walker performs several live shows in the same year. In 21st and 22nd, December Alan has held the concert "Alan Walker is Heading Home" in his hometown Bergan at USF Verftet, Norway where Alan was performed 16 songs and tracks together with Yosef Wolde-Mariam, Angelina Jordan, Marius Samuelsen, Angelina Jordan, Alexandra Rotan, and Tove Styrke.

Alan Walker Live Performs
Alan Walker Live Performs

YouTube Statistics

    Channel Name
    Alan Walker
    Country Rank
    Music Rank 42th most subscribed
    Global Rank 42th most subscribed
    Genere Music, Vlogs.
    Instruments Keyboard, Piano
    Guitar, Programming, DAW
    Music Genere Electronic, Progressive
    Deep House, EDM
    Labels/Studio Sony Music Sweden
    MER Musikk
    NCS No Copyrights Sounds
    DM Music
    RCA Records
    Ultra Music
    Available in English, Worldwide

Alan Walker launched his YouTube channel in 2012 when he just started learning music production. In 2015 after release Faded Alan Walker completes 1M subscriber and at the beginning of 2017, his channel completes 4.5M subscriber and registered highest subscribed channel in Norway. And in 2020 his channel crossed 35M subscriber and it was worlds 14th most subscribed channel in the world.

Live Subscriber Count

Alan Walker Top Most Popular Songs

List of Alan Walkers Top 10 most popular songs :

Faded - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - Faded FT. Iselin Solheim, one of the most popular song on the Internet. A remastering with vocals version of 2014 track Fade. Faded was released in 2015 collaborated with MER Musikk under Sony Music Sweden, it has grossed over 2.8B views and over 20M likes on YouTube and 1 Billion+ stream on Spotify. It was one of the top charted songs in over 33 countries.

Alone - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - Alone FT. Noonie Bao, released in 2nd December 2016 under the label of MER Musikk, it has grossed over 1B views and 8.5M likes on YouTube and 390M+ stream on Spotify. In 2020 Alan was released Alone Pt.II Ft. Ava Max. More further information checks this link.

The Spectre - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - The Spectre FT. Jesper Borgen released in 15th September 2017 via MER Musikk, which has the remake with a vocal version of 2015 Alan's single track Spectre. It has grossed over 800M views and 6.5M likes.

Sing Me To Sleep - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - Sing Me To Sleep FT. Iselin Solheim after 'Faded' again Norwegian female singer released in 2nd Jun 2016 via MER Musikk, which has grossed over 600M views and over 4.2M likes on YouTube. The whole music video was shooted in Honk Kong.

Darkside - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - Darkside featuring Au/Ra Antiguan-German singer, songwriter and Norwegian singer Tomine Harket, released in 27th July 2018 via MER Musikk and Ultra Music, which has grossed over 480M views and 4M+ likes on YouTube.

On My Way - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - On My Way FT. Sabrina Carpenter & Puerto Rican singer Farukku in a partnership with PUBG, released in 21st Merch 2019 via MER and Sony Music Sweden English and Spanish version. It was grossed over 310M views and over 6.5M likes on YouTube.

On My Way - Alan Walker

Alan Walker - All Falls Down FT. American singer Noah Cyrus and British DJ and record producer Digital Farm Animals, released in 27th October 2017 through MER and Ultra Music, which has grossed 210M views and over 2M likes on YouTube.


⚬ Alan Walker is one of the Younger Artist who ranked 27th in DJ Mag's top 100 DJ list of 2019.
⚬ The Ony artist who braked many records at the age of 18.
⚬ One of the highest-paid Norwegian DJ and Music Producer.

Alan Walker
Alan Walker 


Alan Walker won 17 Awards in Total 30 Nominations. Here all Awards List of Alan Walker :

▸ In 2016, Arets Musikk (Music of the Year) by Gullsnutten.
▸ In 2016, Best Norwegian Act Award by MTV Europe Music Awards for Faded.
▸ In 2016, The Cannes Lions Award by Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for Faded
▸ In 2016, Eska Music Awards for Best International Hit song Faded.
▸ In 2016, Norwegian Song of the Year by NRJ Music Awards Norge for Sing Me To Sleep
▸ In 2016, Arets Musikk (Music of the Year) by Gullsnutten.
▸ In 2016, Arets Musikk (Music of the Year) by Gullsnutten.
▸ In 2017, European Border Breakers Award - EBBA Awards '17 by Eurosonic Noorderslag
▸ In 2017, Song Of The Year by Spellemannprisen '16 for Faded
▸ In 2017, Best Western Artist of the Year and Best Western Single of the Year by KKBOX Music Award.
▸ In 2017, Best New Talent by WDM Radio Awards for Faded
▸ In 2017, Arets Musikk (Music of the Year) by Gullsnutten.
▸ In 2017, Swiss Music Awards for Best International Hit Faded.
▸ In 2017, The Export Prize 16 by Spellemann and Music Norway for Faded
▸ In 2017, MTV Europe Music Awards For Best Norwegian Act.
▸ In 2018, Best Breakthrough Artist by International Dance Music Awards
▸ In 2018, Norwegian Grammy Awards For
▸ In 2018, MTV Europe Music Awards For Best Norwegian Act.
▸ In 2019, Arets Spellemann (Spellemann of the Year) by Spellemannprisen '18'.

Alan Walker At Grammy Award
Alan Walker Won Grammy Award 2018

Controversy And More

You may identify Alan Walker by his trademark mask and hoodie, yet behind the mysterious character is the Norwegian artist, Alan Walker wears a mask in videos, when performing live, and when photographed. It is part of his costume, and he does this because he feels that we are all unique individuals, one of a kind, regardless of what is behind a mask. Besides, there was a controversy over Alan Walker's ghost production, which ended later.

Net Worth/Income

Alan Walker Norwegian DJ and Music Producer, earns from Live show and YouTube music videos, it was mentioned that his net worth is US$15M but in 2020 his Net Worth is US$18Million.

Fan Following/Social Media


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