CarryMinati (YouTuber) Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Bio & More

CarryMinati Indian Young YouTuber Biography Details Girlfriend Net Worth Many More
CarryMinati Indian Young YouTuber Biography Details Girlfriend Net Worth Many More


      Real Name
      Ajey Nagar
      Stage Name CarryMinati
      Nick Name Ajey, Carry
      Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Artist
      Commentator, Gamer,
      Born On 12th June 1999
      Age 21 Years (As in 2020)
      Birth Place Faridabad, India
      Residence Faridabad, India
      Nationality Indian
      Religion Hinduism
      Qualification 12th (Drop Out)
      Education Delhi Public School, India
      Manager Deepak Char
      Zodiac Sing Gemini
      Email [email protected]


    Ajay Nagar, best known or professionally known for his YouTube stage name 'CarryMinati'. He is the most influenced Indian young YouTuber, Commentator, Roaster, Gamer and Streamer.

    Currently, CarryMinati is no.1 most subscribed Individual Indian YouTuber and Asia's no.1 Individual YouTuber after beating Atta Hillintar.

    He is also a Rapper, last few years Carry released many rap songs accordingly and he likes to beatboxing.

    He is just 20-year-old aged boy who becomes famous by roasting, video gaming, Live streams, digital content creation, music video making and build his career in YouTube platform.

    Born, Childhood & Early Life:

    Ajay Nagar aka CarryMinati born on 12th June 1999 in the most populous city Faridabad, Hariyana, India. Located near Delhi, the capital of India.

    Nagar has loved to play video games, and at the age of 10 Nagar got a computer from his father, and from there, his career started began.

    CarryMinati Old image he look  so fat
    Carry in 2015

    Education :

    In a live show, Nagar said he sacrificed many things like he never went college and he dropped a Class XII board exam because of his dream to became YouTuber.

    His current YouTube channel called CarryMinati was active since 2014 and 2016 he left out his school.


      Vivek Nagar
      Mother Updated Soon
      Siblings One Elder Brother
      Brother Yash Nagar Aka Wily Frenzy
      (Music Producer/Composer)

    Nagar has not shared any personal life details but in his official Instagram account, he shared his father and brother joint old photo.

    CarryMinati Childhood image with his father and elder brother
    CarryMinati with his Father and Brother Yash

    CarryMinati With His Mother and Brother
    CarryMinati With His Mother and Brother

    Personal Information

    Marital Status/ Affairs :

      Married Status
      Girlfriends/Affairs No Record
      Ex-Girlfriend No Record
      Wife/Spouse Not Known

    In September 2020, India Today, Republic World, IMWBuzz and much other news Magazine has published an article about Avneet Kaur (Popular Actress) and CarryMinati Relationship after Avneet Kaur Instagram post.
    CarryMinati With Avneet Kaur relationship
    CarryMinati With Avneet Kaur

    In her Instagram post, she wrote a line "
    Carryminati ke roast jaisi hit hai🍫 Gym daily jaaye billo fit fit fit hai🔥" from Tony Kakkar new song Chocolate and from there the news got viral.

    But after some times of publishing article, CarryMinati said that he is not in a relationship in his live streams.

    Physical Appearance :

      Height 5.6 Inc
      1.68 Meter
      Weight 65 KG approx
      144 Lbs
      Body Shame Chest - 36 Inc
      Waist - 28 Inc
      Biceps - 12 Inc
      Sexuality Straight
      Eye Color Dark Brown
      Hair Color Black
      Tattoos Yes, Tattoos on his right arm

    CarryMinati Has A Om Namah Shivay Tattoo on his right arm
    CarryMinati has A Om Namah Shivay Tattoo

    Hobbies & Favourite Things :

      Favourite Actor Shah Rukh Khan, Tom Cruise, Sunny Deol
      Favourite Actress Deepika Padukone
      Favourite Movie Not Known
      Favourite Rapper Eminem, Honey Singh
      Sean Paul, Nas, Rakim
      Favourite YouTuber "Ashish Chanchalani
      Bhuvan Bam
      Favourite Musician Nucleya, Willy Frenzy
      Favourite Food Fast-Food, Pizza
      Favourite Sports Football
      Favourite Car Audi
      Favourite Destination Goa, India
      Hobbies Travelling, Gymming


    Ajey Nagar(Carry) started his career since 2008 or 2009 when carry was just eight years old.

    He got a computer from his father at the age of 10 and creates a channel on YouTube called 'Stealth Fearzz', where he had uploaded about football tricks and tips tutorials.

    In 2014 Carry creates another youtube channel called 'Addicted A1 & Nagar' where he has performed Sunny Deol's mimicry and played video games, which was mostly used to uploaded his recorded video footage along with commentary and reaction on the game. The channel was not very successful.

    In 2015, Carry changed his channel named to 'CarryDeol', for more entertain people he started to mimicry most popular Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and again started mimicry of Sunny Deol and uploaded video footage of "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive".

    He explained his channel name 'Carry' means to carry someone and 'Deol' comes from Sunny Deol where he used his mimicry in his videos.

    In 2015 he changed his channel named 'CarryDeol' to 'CarryMinati' and started to roasting people. Where 'Minati' comes from Illuminati, on his one video he mentioned Illuminati word.

    YouTube Career:

    Nagar has two YouTube channels, his first channel is entertainment and music channel named CarryMinati where Nagar uploads roasting videos, comedy contents, single track and another is CarryisLive which is only for gaming, live streams and others.

    CarryMinati India's Biggest YouTuber
    CarryMinati Young YouTuber

    In an Interview Ajey share his YouTube journey -
    "In 2014, I started with my original channel, Addicted A1. I used torecord gameplay videos with my reactions and upload them. It didn’t get mevery far, after a year I had about 35 likes. I then thought of evolving mycontent and started CarryDeol. It worked well with the audience, theCounter-Strike community loved it and shared my work. After six months, I was bored and needed a change. That’s when I got to my current nice–roasting.”

    Nagar creates 2nd YouTube channel in 2017, for gaming, live streaming and uploading video footages. Here Nagar used to uploads live streaming video and it is listed top 10 gaming channel in India, with associate Dynamo Gaming, Soul Mortal, Garebooo and many more.

    YouTube Statistic:

      Channel Name
      CarryMinati, CarryisLive
      Country Rank
      1st Individual Most Subscribed
      100th Most Subscribed
      Comedy Rank 4th
      Global Rank 100th most subscribed
      Genere Music, Vlogs, Roasting.
      Categories Entertainment, Music
      Music Genere Electronic, Progressive, EDM
      Labels/Studio One Digital
      Personal Home Studio
      Associated With Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani
      Prajakta Koli, Amit Bhadana
      Assist/Manager Deepak Char
      Available in Hindi-English, Worldwide

    CarryMinati with her manager Deepak Char
    CarryMinati With Deepak Char

    Deepak Char his assistant and his YouTube channel was managed by Deepak.


    Once Nagar liked to watched football tutorials and he got inspired and creates his own YouTube Channel named "Stealth Fearzz", where he uploaded football tricks and tutorials videos.

    But he didn't gain a good response from viewers than he deletes this account.

    After few years he opened another YouTube channel named 'Addicted A1 & Nagar', where he uploaded record gameplay with his commentary, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Entertaining videos and also tried to mimicry of Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol.

    Again he got failed and started another channel named "Leafyishere" where he uploaded the same tricks of gameplay videos and roasting videos, which is got a very good response.

    After sometimes he changed the channel name to CarryDeol, which is got more popular than before.

    He changed his channel name to CarryDeol because he did mimicry of SunnyDeol, When Nagar started roasting people he got a good response from the public and again changed his channel named to "CarryMinati".

    Once Carry roasted one of the most popular YouTuber Bhuban Bam with the title 'Making Money With BB Ki Vines' and upload his main channel CarryMinati. The video got a viral and good public reaction and over 7.5M views with over 344K likes.

    Along with his team, he opened his home studio for making YouTube videos and live streaming.

    Nagar always like to be a rapper and in 2019 he uploaded a Diss Track Rap song against PewDiePie with the title Bye Pewdiepie, now the song is over 31M+ views with over 2M likes in just YouTube.

    CarryMinati releases more single tracks in his channel. See all releases tracks.

    Singles & Collaboration

    Year Track Artist Type Studio
    2019 Bye Pewdiepie CarryMinati Diss Track CarryMinati Production
    2019 TRIGGER CarryMinati X Vibgyor First Single CarryMinati Production
    2020 Zindagi CarryMinati X Wily Frenzy 2nd Single One Digital Entertainment
    2020 Warrior CarryMinati X Wily Frenzy 3rd Single One Digital Entertainment
    2020 Yalgaar CarryMinati X Wily Frenzy 4th Single
    Engineered at Noisy Gates studio

    CarryMinati with her brother Yash aka WilyFrenzy
    CarryMinati With Wily Frenzy

    Live Subscriber Count


    In 2020 CarryMinati breaks many YouTube records. See all record breaks by CarryMinati.

    #1. CarryMinati uploaded a roasting video with title YouTube V/S TikTok - The End, where he replied all TikTokers and especially Amir Siddiqui, that's video was viral which is gone over 26M+ views with 5M+ like in a day worldwide.

    On 14th May 2020 it's gone over 71M+ views 10 Million+ likes which is one of the most liked non-music videos globally.

    It was expected to it would be the world's no. 1 most-liked non-music video but it was takedown by YouTube for violating YouTube terms and conditions and cyber cell for harresment and bullying.

    #2. CarryMinati after uploading a roasting video YouTube V/S TikTok - The End, he gained over 7M+ subscriber and continuously crossed BB Ki Vines and Ashish Chanchalani Vines subscriber on YouTube, and his channel became the 2nd most subscribed independent channel and listed the top 10 Indian Youtuber.

    After some times CarryMinati crossed Amit Bhadana and becomes most subscribed YouTuber In India.

    #3. CarryMinati is only an Indian YouTuber who meet Hollywood's most popular actor Tom Cruise and the whole cast of the movie Mission Impossible - Fall Out promotion at Paris, and share his experience to meeting with Tom Cruise by uploading a video with the title Indian Kid Meet Tom Cruise which is grossed over 15M+ views and 1.3m likes on YouTube.

    CarryMinati Meets Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise At Paris in MIB 6 promotion
    CarryMinati Meets Henry Cavil and Tom Cruise At Paris

    #3. CarryMinati is only an Indian YouTuber who meet most popular music producer Alan Walker.

    #4. After video takedown Carry uploaded a video with title Stop Making Assumptions | YouTube V/S TikTok - The End on 17 May, where he explained his dialogue is misused by the public. Where the video was crossed 45M+ views and over 7.5M likes globally.

    #4. CarryMinati has helped people with donating funds by streaming video games. His charity streams during Assam Floods, Bihar Floods and Covid19 pandemic, Australia bush fire and many more, during each disaster he has donated funds through his charity stream on YouTube.

    CarryMinati Charity streams for Assam and Bihar floods
    CarryMinati Charity Streams

    #5. In 2nd June 2020, CarryMinati crossed 20M Subscriber on YouTube, as an Indian individual creator.

    #6. In June 2020, CarryMinati crossed famous Indian YouTuber Amit Bhadana and becomes the most subscriber Indian Individual Creator.

    #7. In September 2020, CarryMinati becomes no.1 Individual Creator in Asia after beating Atta Hillintar.

    Controversy And More

    ⚬ CarryMinati Joins PweDiePie and T-series controversy by releasing disc track Bye Pewdiepie. In this case, Pewdiepie insult's India by saying bitch.

    In 15 May 2020 CaryMinati viral video 'YouTube V/S TikTok - The End' was takedown by YouTube for violating YouTube's terms policy and cyberbullying.

     After deleting video Carry's fans demand #Justice_for_Carry, it was the trending many days on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok also.

    ⚬ In 2020 May Ajaz Khan was misbehaved CarryMinati for roasting TikTok but after a day Ajaz Khan uploads an apology video for his misbehave. Where most of the YouTubers and others support CarryMinati.

    ⚬ In 2020 many TikToker was against CarryMinati for his latest viral video.

    ⚬ In 2020 after this controversy TikTok rating down 4.5 stars to 2.0 stars on google play store and after a few months later Ind Govt. banned TikTok including 58 more apps in India.

    ⚬ In July 2020 Carry's 2nd channel got hacked in 3 A.M and hacker wants bitcoin in live streams, but the US YouTube Team give back his channel after 14 hours.

    CarryMinati 2nd channel CarryisLive got hacked
    CarryisLive was Hacked

    ⚬ In September 2020, many news articles are published that CarryMinati becomes to Join BigBoss 14 with other 3 YouTubers but later he tweeted that He would not be A part of BigBoss 14.

    CarryMinati Tweeted That He is not In BigBoss


    ⚬ Nagar received creator awards from YouTube 2 Silver Play Buttons, 2 Golden Play Buttons for passing 100K and 1M subscriber in both channels, and 1 Diamond Play button for passing 10M subscriber CarryMinati channel.

    CarryMinati receives YouTube creator award Golden Plya Button
    CarryMinati's Golden Play Button

    ⚬ Nagar listed #10 in Top 10 next-generation leaders, by Time Magazine.
    ⚬ Carry intro dialogue 'To Kaise Hai App Log' most famous dialogue on the internet.
    Alexa knows Who is CarryMinati
    ⚬ CarryMinati is an only Indian Individual YouTuber to Complete 20M subscriber.

    Earnings/Net Worth

    According to sources CarryMinati earns $ 23.33K-$ 62.22K ads partner and his total net worth US$4M.

    Social Media/Fan Following






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