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Tecnical Guruji Aka Gaurav Chaudhury
Gaurav Chaudhury Aka 
Technical Guruji


    Real Name
    Gaurav Chaudhury
    Stage Name Technical Guruji
    Nick Name Guruji, Gaurav
    Profession YouTuber, Tech Blogger,
    Nano Science Researcher,
    Technology Guide
    Born On 7th May 1991
    Age  29 Years ( As in 2020)
    Birth Place Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
    Residence Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates
    Religion Hinduism
    Qualification M. Tech (Microelectronics)
    Education BITS - Birla Institute of
    Technology & Science,
    Pilani, Dubai Campus
    Zodiac Sing Taurus


Gaurav Chaudhury best known as Technical Guruji is a UAE based Indian (Resides in Dubai) nano-science researcher, tech blogger and YouTube personality, people known him as Technical Guruji for his YouTube stage name called. Basically, his name is Gaurav but he does technology, product reviews, unboxing, tech news and updates on his YouTube channel, for which his stage name Technical Guruji and from there Guruji's popularity continues to grow.

Born, Early Life & Education :

Gaurav Chaudhury was born on 7th May 1991 in one of the oldest city Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. Guruji completes his school in 'Kendriya Vidyalaya School', in Guruji's 11th he was interested in learning C, C++ coding and after 12th Guruji was shipped to Dubai United Arab Emirates in 2012, and joined BITS Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Dubai for pursuing a microelectronic degree, it was one of the largest privet research universities in UAE. Guruji is a nano-science researcher.

Family/ Parents

    Not Knows
    Mother Not Known
    Siblings Pradeep Chaudhury
    ( Elder Brother)

Technical Guruji With his Brother
Technical Guruji With his brother (source Twitter)

Tecnical Guruji With Family
Technical Guruji With Family (source Twitter)

Technical Guruji With His Nephew Arihaan


Starting Career :

After completing his masters about microelectronic in BITS Pilani Dubai Campus or BPDC, Guruji gets certification to work security system in Dubai Police and started his career as a Dubai Police Security Engineer. Besides with his work, Gaurav Chaudhury was launched his YouTube channel called Technical Guruji in 18th October 2015 as part-time work. By profession, Chaudhury is a Security Engineer in Dubai, YouTube is Chaudhury's hobby but he also runs his family business in Dubai, UAE.

Youtube Career :

In 2015 after started his YouTube channel and Chaudhury primarily uploaded product reviews, some electronic gadget reviews, unboxing and guide videos, actually he posted videos as just a hobby and after growing his channel in 2017 passing 1M subscriber Chaudhury started uploaded tech reviews, and he has posted daily two videos about technology and cover tech news. The main reason behind opening Technical Guruji channel is easy to understand tech videos, how tech work and upload this type of videos in Hindi to expand reach people.

    Technical Guruji Logo
    TG Official Logo

    Technical Guruji
    Gaurav Chaudhury
    Genere Technology, Tech News,
    Gadget Reviews, Unboxing
    Nick Names Guruji
    Studio Home Studio, (For creating His
    Youtube Content)
    Available in YouTube Worldwide
    Associate With Greekey Ranjit
    Technical Sharmaji
    Ashish Chanchalani
    Bhuban Bam
    Possibly Not
    Awards In
    See Awards/Achievements
    No Track Records

Guruji Ashish and BB
Ashish, Guruji & BB

Guruji created another channel on 7th May 2017 on his own name Gaurav Chaudhury, here Guruji uploaded vlogging, tour videos and etc. Technical Guruji's has an app to watch YouTube videos directly.

Live Subscriber Count:

YouTube Rankings

    Subscriber Rank
    Country Rank 38th
    Tech Rank 2nd Most Subscribed
    Total Videos 3100 +

Watch YouTube Videos :

Records :

⚬ Guruji is only an Indian YouTuber, who completes 1M, 10M and 15M subscriber in just 3 years that only does tech reviews and unboxing videos.

⚬ Due to rapid growth of the channel, in September 2018 Technical Guruji becomes top 10 most subscribed tech channel in the world.

⚬ In 2020 Technical Guruji Tech channel was ranked 2nd most subscribed tech channel in the world after HaerteTest.

⚬ It is one of the largest and most subscribed tech channels in India.

“Gaurav is passionate about his work. He is focussed which gives him a stronghold on his audience. There have been multiple cases when Gaurav has collected feedback from users and conveyed it to us... that has helped us build a better product,”
says Madhav Sheth, vice president of Realme and CEO of Realme India.

⚬ Gaurav Chaudhury has listed in Forbes India 30 under 30 lists of 2020.


⚬ Guruji's intro dialogue ' Chaliya Shuru Kartein Hain' is most popular on the internet.

⚬ Technical Guruji has been declared as ‘‘World’s Best Technical Influencer In 2019” at World Bloggers Awards held at Cannes, France.

⚬ Chaudhury receives YouTube creator awards for both channels to passing 100k and 1M get the Silver Play Button and Golden Play Button, and a single Diamond Play Button for passing 10M Subscriber.

⚬ Guruji participated in YouTube Fanfest India 2018 and 2019.

Net Worth & Income

Technical Guruji net worth is US$7M.

Technical Guruji income - According to Social Blade, Gaurav Chaudhury estimated monthly advertise earnings US $23.5K - $376.8K and yearly earnings$282.6K - $4.5M. And Chaudhury earns  AED 5,657 or 1.16 lakh from Dubai Police Security Engineer. Guruji's earnings per year Indian rupees 10 Crore approx.

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