Emiway Bantai (Rapper) Age, Wiki, Bio, Ex-Gf, Family, Salary & More

Billal Saikh Aka Emiway Bantai Indian Rapper & YouTuber
Billal Saikh Aka Emiway Bantai Indian Rapper & YouTuber
Bilal Shaikh


      Real Name
      Bilal Shaikh
      Stage Name Emiway Bantai
      Nick Name Emiway, Bilal, Shahrukh
      Profession Singer, Songwriter, Rapper
      Dancer, Music Composer,
      Video editor
      Born On 13th November 1995
      Age 23 Years (As in 2020)
      Birth Place Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
      Residence Antop Hill, Mumbai,
      Maharastra, India
      Nationality Indian
      Religion Islam
      Qualification 11th Standard
      Education UP University, UP, India
      Manager Nilkanth (Kshitij)
      Zodiac Sing Scorpio
      Email [email protected]


    Bilal Shaikh also is known as or popularly known as Emiway Bantai is an Indian Singer, Dancer, Rapper, Songwriter, Music Composer, Editor, YouTuber and a self-made artist in Indian music Industry.

    Emiway is one of the best rappers in our era, over millions of fan following in India and outside of India.

    He is the only independent artist who becomes famous without joining any music labels, all of his music videos is produced and published under his production/studio named Bantai The Studio, here Emiway and his crew create his music videos.

    Born, Childhood & Early Life:

    Bilal Shaikh was born on 13th November 1995 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

    He was born in middle class orthodox Muslim conservative family.

    Bilal grew up with his mom, dad and his smaller brother in Mumbai, after some years of Emiway's born their whole family moved from Bangaluru to Mumbai. His family also has roots of Karnataka.

    Emiway Bantai Childhood Image
    Emiway In His Childhood

    Education :

    Bilal was a bright student in his school times. He was a good student during his school days, he topped many times in his school and didn't like to talk much with other students.

    He joined Lakshdham High School, Gukuldham, Mumbai, Maharastra, India but after his 10th he got involve in rap music after listening to rap song from his friend.

    In his 11th he moved his passion from MBBS to rap industry and meets many rappers and started to follow them and their rapping style.

    In his 12th Bilal got depressed and stuck between rap and higher studies, and then he got dropout from high school.


      Updated Soon
      Mother Updated Soon
      Siblings One Smaller Brother
      Brother VBreak(Stage Name)

    Emiway's father is a Muslim but his mother is Hindu, they got love marriage and have two sons one is Billal Shaikh (Emiway Elder) and another is VBreak (Stage Name Smaller).

    (We didn't collect any further information about his family/parents, if we get collect propper details we should be updated you.)

    Emiway with his mother
    Emiway with his mother

    Emiway Bantai With His Mother and Brother
    Emiway Bantai With His Mother and Brother

    Emiway Bantai with his Father Mother And Brother
    Emiway With His Family

    Personal Information

    Marital Status/ Affairs :

      Married Status
      Girlfriends/Affairs No Record
      Ex-Girlfriend Mukta Karandikar
      (Female Rapper, Model)
      Wife/Spouse Not Known

    Emiway Bantai with his ex-girlfriend Mukta K
    Emiway With his Ex- Mukta

    Emiway was romantically related with Mukkta Karandikar from 2015 to 2018.

    Mukta Karandikar is a female rapper and model. She also joined MTV Love School.

    They were continuously three years in a relationship but they got breakup for some personal reason.

    Physical Appearance :

      Height 5.7 Inc
      1.70 Meter
      Weight 65 KG approx
      144 Lbs
      Body Shame Chest - 38 Inc
      Waist - 30 Inc
      Biceps - 12 Inc
      Sexuality Straight
      Eye Color Dark Brown
      Hair Color Black, Dark Brown
      Tatto No Tattoos on his body

    Hobbies & Favourite Things :

      Favourite Actor Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh
      Favourite Actress Alia Bhatt, Kajol
      Jacklin Fernandez
      Favourite Rapper DDLJ, Kuch Kuch
      Hota Hai
      Favourite Rapper Eminem, Lil Wayne
      Token, Tech T9N, NF, Russ
      Favourite Singer Arijit Singh
      Atif Aslam
      Favourite Musician Tony James
      A. R. Rahman
      Favourite Food Dal Chawal, Papad
      Favourite Sports Cricket
      Favourite Car Audi
      Favourite Destination Goa, India
      Hobbies Video Editing,
      Music Composing,
      Riding, Swimming,


    Emiway started his career as a rapper in 2010-2011 when he was in his 10th. Emiway knows about rap from his friend Jake Pole and he got crazy to learn rap.

    Once from his friend, he heard the most popular rap artist Eminem's song Not Afraid and become a fan of Eminem. He started to murmuring Eminem's song for his long sentences song memorized.

    Next day he went to school and he sang that song to his friends, his friends got surprised how he memorized the song. After hearing this song his friends encourage him to become a rapper.

    His family always wanted Emiway to become an MBBS, but once he enjoyed to learning rap songs from his friends and suddenly his interest moved from MBBS to be a rapper and became more interested in rap music.

    To writing and practising rap song and songwriting he forgot about his exam and he got failed in his 12th exam and leaves his school.

    Music Starting Career

    Emiway started his rap music career him by releasing his first Hindi-English rap song Glint Lock - Emiway Bantai Ft. Minta on YouTube in May 2013.

    He adopted his stage name Emiway Bantai from his two most favourite rap artist Eminem to 'Emi' and Lil Wayne to 'Way' with thee combination Emiway and Bantai is Mumbai's local word means Dude/Bro.

    After his 12th drop out his father asked him to sing a rap song and Emiway sang a song in English. His father didn't behave rudely and also suggest him that only those who have been taught music since childhood can make music a career and you must try to the Hindi language to understand your song locally.

    Then he started to Hindi rapping. Emiway things that rap are only possible in English but Emiway didn't stop, he became more interested in making Hindi Rap.

    He has faced many financial problems and his own expenses, then he started to works Hard Rock Cafe as a labour 300 rupees per day.

    Music Career Breakthrough

    Emiway's father and mother never tried to interrupt or stop him because of his interest in rapping.

    One day his father ask Emiway to sang a rap and Emiway listening to his father an English rap song, his father said English is good but if you can't sing in your own language, you will never be popular.

    Emiway things that rap is only possible in the English language because Eminem, Lil Wayne many other rappers were in English rap but after his father suggestion Emiway started to wrote and sung in the Hindi language.

    In Merch 2014 he released another rap called Aur Bantai which is gone instant hit. Later the song was won people choice award.

    Since then, Emiway no needs to stop. His popularity continues to grow rapidly. After some single hit, he will release #Sadak with popular Indian rapper Raftaar.

    In 2018 Raftaar and Emiway join in a cold war in rap Industry. In 2019 Emiway release a track Machayenge which is got massive response from the public.

    Filmography & Debut

    ⚬ Emiway gets Music debuts in 2013 by releasing Hindi-English song Glint Lock- Emiway Bantai Ft. Minta and 2014 Hindi debut Aur Bantai - Emiway.

    ⚬ Emiway gets Bollywood debut from Zoya Akhtar's movie Gully Boy in 2019.

    Emiway Bantai With popular Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh
    Emiway With Ranveer Singh

    ⚬ Emiway in Gully boy Movie rap battle scene.

    YouTube Statistic

      Channel Name
      Emiway Bantai
      Country Rank
      Music Rank 153rd most subscribed
      Global Rank 468th most subscribed
      Genere Music, Vlogs.
      Style Rap, HipHop
      R&B, FreeStyle
      Music Genere Electronic, Progressive, EDM
      Labels/Studio Own Independent Studio
      Bantai The Studio
      Available in Hindi-English, Worldwide

    Emiway joins on YouTube in May 2013 now he is the most subscribed independent artist, a rapper in India over millions+ subscriber.

    He is only Indian rapper who becomes popular without signing any big labels and he also makes songs in his own studio.

    Currently, he worked with much popular foreign rap artist like Snoop Dog, Macklemore, Dax, Celena Sharma and many others.

    Live Subscriber Count

    Emiway Bantai Most Populer Songs

    Firse Machayenge - Emiway

    Firse Machayenge - Emiway is one of the most popular songs on the internet in 2020 first. It was the sequel of 2019 most hit song Machayenge. It is written and sung by Emiway, which is grossed 4.1M likes on YouTube.

    Machayenge - Emiway

    Machayenge - Emiway is one of the most popular songs on the internet in 2019. It was the first big hit by Emiway Bantai.

    Machayenge in Bantai lingo is an expression to suggest "we'll have a blast", is a fun song with beachy vibes.

    Here, Emiway is welcoming his listeners /viewers to come to join him at his very own party island and party with him.

    Samajh Mein Aaya Kaya - Emiway

    Emiway - Samajh Mein Aaya Kaya was released in 13th October 2018 was most liked disc track against the popular Indian rapper Raftaar.

    After Emiway and Rafter controversy Emiway released this track against Raftaar and it crossed over 100M views and 2.5M+ likes on YouTube.

    GIRAFTAAR - Emiway

    Emiway - GIRAFTAAR, it was also a disc track against Populer rapper Raftaar. It was a disc reply of Raftaar's interview against Emiway on social media.

    Aur Bantai - Emiway

    Aur Bantai - Eminem, it was the first single hit by Emiway Bantai released in 2014. After this song, Emiway gained huge popularity in India.


    ⚬ In 2016 Emiway Bantai got his first prize in Music Video for the song 'Tadak Padak'.

    Emiway Bantai Won First Prize In Music Video for the song Tadak Padak
    Emiway Won First Prize

    ⚬ In 2016 Emiway Bantai Won Radio City Freedom Award for the song 'Aysa Kuch Shot Nahi Hai'.

    Emiway Bantai Won Radiocity Freedom Awards
    Emiway Won Radiocity Award

    ⚬ In 2017 Emiway Bantai Won People Choice best HipHop Artist Award for Best Indian Act in Seville Spain.

    Emiway Won People Choice best HipHop artist
    Emiway And Divine

    ⚬ Emiway Bantai Won MTV Europe Music Award for Best Indian Act in 2019.

    "Full power, Bahut Zyaada Hard. I made the song 'Freeverse feast (Daawat)' because my listeners had increased overseas and their reaction videos too. I thought I should add a bit of English to build a connect overseas, hence I made a mix of Hindi and English with this song,"

    ⚬ Emiway Bantai also is participated in India's got talent but didn't gain huge fame.

    Controversy & More

    Emiway joins a cold war with the popular Indian rap-star and dancer Raftaar.

    It was started began from an interview, where Raftaar said that Emiway didn't earn money in rap-industry and he got fame for his disc track because of Raftaar's name.

    Emiiway serially uploaded many disc tracks against Raftaar and then again Raftaar replied in a disc track called Shaikh Chilli on his YouTube channel.

    In this war also Popular Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh said that to be united and forbids them to quarrel and urges them to stay together.


    Emiway Bantai earns money from YouTube & Adsence, live shows. His estimated earnings of $40K - $52K monthly and $156K - $200K yearly. His current net worth is $1M.

    Social Media /Fan Following


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