Read About Bhuvan Bam & His Characters (BB KI Vines) List & Details

Bhuvan Bam All Characters
Bhuvan Bam All Characters

Who Is Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam is an Indian comedian, singer, actor and one of the most popular YouTubers in India. In India, we also have known him as his online name BB Ki Vines, who has played many comedy roles or characters in his videos. Read Bhuvan Bam all characters list and details.

He gains popularity when he started to make on his smartphone recorded videos on YouTube. And now, he becomes the fastest Indian YouTuber, who has completed 10 Million subscribers on YouTube, and he is the only first Indian YouTuber, who had achieved it.

He is the only YouTuber in India, who has founded his own production house by making YouTube videos called BB Ki Vines Privet Limited and his mother Padma Avnidra Bam is the current director of this company. He is a designated partner at the company behind his channel merchandise, AMB Youthiapa LLP.

Bhuvan Bam's Popular Characters

Bhuvan Bam plays more than 19 comedy characters, he created a lot of funny characters including himself for his YouTube channel named BB Ki Vines, where he (Bhuvan) plays a role as a protagonist himself and he plays all of these funny characters. He has changed his dress up and voices to plays all these funny characters, which were created by Bhuvan himself.

He created many funny characters to create his YouTube videos. Here we will discuss those popular characters, which was created, directed and played by Bhuban himself in his YouTube videos as well:

Bhuvan Bam As Banchoddas Chatriwala

Bhuvan Bam as Banchoddas Chatriwala, or simply known as “Bancho” is one of the funniest and popular leading characters of BB Ki Vines and in Bhuvan's best friend of his show. His name is “Bancho” because, he used the word Bancho, at the end of every sentence and that's why his friend calls him “Bancho”.
Bhuvan Bam as Banchoddas Chatriwala Bancho
Bhuvan Bam as Banchoddas Chatriwala

Bhuvan As Sameer Fuddi

Bhuvan Bam as Sameer Fuddi is also known as “Fameer  Fuddi” is one of the most favourite (one of my favourite) character and “Bancho's” cousin in BB Ki Vines show.

For a little stuttering and Sameer uses  “ F ” instead of “ S ” while speaking. So that's why he uses “ F ” in the first place of his name which is why his name is “ Fameer  Fuddi ”. He also repeatedly says the word “OH YEAH” in a doubtful style.le
Bhuvan Bam as Sameer Fuddi Fameer
Bhuvan Bam as Sameer Fuddi Fameer

Bhuvan As Titu Mama

Bhuvan Bam as Titu Mama is Bhuvan's maternal uncle, who is popularly known as Titu Mama. It is one of the best and most popular and funny (especially My Favourite) characters of  Bhuvan's creation in BB Ki Vines.

Titu Mama is hugely popular for his comedy character and funniest roles in BB's show. Once an inter-view Bhuvan said he added Titu Mama character exactly from his real mama (his mother's brother), who has belonged from Baroda, Mumbai, India. BB copied the exact character from his real mama and implanted it in Titu's character.

Bhuvan Bam as Titu Mama
Bhuvan Bam as Titu Mama

Titu Mama's Show Titu Talks

Bhuvan Bam's created funny character Titu Mama got so much popularity in public, and that Bhuvan opened a new show with Titu Mama on his channel called 'Titu Talks', where Titu Talks first episode was made with Bollywood Badshah, king khan Shah Rukh Khan, which is got over 30M views on YouTube, which is inspired him to start another episode.

Bhuvan's releases his Titu Talks 2nd episode in 2019, which was made with the most popular famous adult film actor Jhonny Sins which got over 35M+ views on YouTube. He met with Jhonny Sins and got an interview with him, where he discusses the pornographic film industries living, production, adult actor, actress life story.

Titu Mama character gradually increased in public after interviewing Shah Rukh Khan and Jhonny Sins and in 2019's YouTube FanFest held in Mumbai, he gets a live interview with popular Bollywood producer Karan Johar.

Bhuvan As Mr Hola

Bhuvan Bam as Mr Hola is an Antagonist, and one of the most popular and serious characters in BB Ki Vines show, which has created and played by Bhuvan himself. Mr Hola is Bhuvan's father Babloo Ji's best friend in BB Ki Vines. Mr Hola's speciality is he had blackmailed everyone in BB's show.
Bhuvan Bam as Mr Hola
Bhuvan Bam as Mr Hola

Bhuvan As Babli Sir

Bhuvan Bam as Babli Sir, also know as Angry Masterji is one of the most encouraging character of Bhuvan's creation and an angry school teacher in BB Ki Vines show. So Babli Sir was always in an angry mood that's why BB gave his name in Angry Masterji.
Bhuvan Bam as Babli Sir
Bhuvan Bam as Babli Sir

Bhuvan As Jaanki Ji

Bhuvan Bam as Jaanki Ji, Bhuvan's Mommy. Jaanki Ji is Bhuvan's mom and Bubloo Ji's wife in BB Ki Vines, which is also played by Bhuvan himself. It is the rare character about all of these and Jaanki Ji don't much apparent on camera.
Bhuvan Bam as Jaanki Ji
Bhuvan Bam as Jaanki Ji

Bhuvan As Babloo Ji

Bhuvan Bam as Bubloo Ji, Bhuvan's Father and Janki Ji (Mommy) husband in BB KI Vines Show. His role is so easy, which has played by Bhuvan himself. Bhuvan's father is a simple and common man who always want to take care of his family and son.
Bhuvan Bam as Babloo Ji
Bhuvan Bam as Babloo Ji

Bhuvan Bam As Detective Mangloo

Bhuvan Bam as Detective Manglooo, he is an ingenious detective funny character. Bancho has hired Detective Mangloo to track her naughty Girlfriend. Mangloo has helped to find, is that his girlfriend cheated with him or not in BB Ki Vines Show. Mangloo is one of the funniest characters of Bhuvan's creation.
Bhuvan Bam as Detective Manglooo
Bhuvan Bam as Detective Manglooo

Bhuvan Himself

Bhuvan Bam as Bhuvan himself a protagonist and the main one who created played and directed all these funny characters in his show BB Ki Vines. In his YouTube videos, he filmed 5-20 minutes videos with his smartphone's front camera and his whimsical conversations with his friends and family. These unique techniques of Bhuvan are proven his talents at this platform.
Bhuvan Bam as himself Bhuvan
Bhuvan Bam as himself Bhuvan

Including Bhuvan himself, these are the top most popular character which is created, directed and played by Bhuvan. Without these, he created so many other characters like, Dr Seghal who is a doctor character in BB Ki Vines and Bhadass Santa, Lakhan Chatriwala (Maakichu) Bancho's father, Adrak Baba and many others.
Bhuvan Bam funny characters
Bhuvan Bam all funny characters


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