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Our website indipu.in founded on 8th August 2019. Our website founder Palash D Nath.

The website has intentionally been made to share knowledge and information. Here you simply can access this shared information with help of the internet. We try to collect data and share famous people, brands, celebrities, politicians, etc. biographies. To know them more and know their unbelievable, unknown, story, and full details about themselves read our articles. We look for their unknown information and we will keep that information on this website so that you can find out about it. We do not claim our collected all information is 100% right, but our website tries to give the audience most of the most accurate information. But still, there might be a few mistakes. But our website goal is to provide correct information all over. But if anyone can find our mistakes, please send the correct information. We would correct it.

How to send correct information

1. Go to the contact us page,
2. Write your details.
3. Write the correct information with a referral link or to prove your data is correct show any recorded video or any data from a trusted site.

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